Cone Beam CT Scans in Southern Pines, NC

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Advanced Technology for Easier Dental Care

If you’ve had a dental exam before, you probably know that X-rays are an important tool for dentists. They allow us to see more than a visual exam can show, so we can diagnose and develop treatments for you.

But biting down on X-ray films can be really uncomfortable. They also only show certain angles, so it’s possible an important factor in your dental health could be excluded.

CBCT scans create a complete 3D picture of your teeth in less than a minute, so we’ll be able to see every part of your teeth. Best of all, it’s quick and painless, with no uncomfortable biting down required.

What Cone Beam Scans Can Do

We use cone beam scans for more accurate dental implant, placement, but also for various other reasons. Some of the important applications of our CBCT scanner include:

  • Evaluating the jaw, sinuses, and nerve canals
  • Detecting and treating jaw tumors
  • Getting a clear picture of your bone structure
  • Surgical planning
  • Diagnosing TMJ disorders

One Quick and Easy Scan

CBCT scans take less than 30 seconds to create a full 3D scan of your teeth. You won’t have to make any special preparations, either. The most we’ll ask you to do is remove anything that could interfere with the scan, like jewelry, eyeglasses, or hearing aids.

Then you’ll stand or sit, placing your chin and forehead on the designated areas. We’ll adjust the equipment for your comfort and accuracy of the images. The cone beam scanner will make a single rotation around your head, capturing images from all angles.

Once the scan is finished, our computer software will create a 3D image based on the pictures taken and we’ll be able to develop a customized treatment plan for you.

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At Sandhills Dental Rehabilitation Center, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest dental technology. We adapt our practice with updated technology and information to make your dental visit easier as well as provide more accurate treatment.

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