Simple or Complex, We Offer Complete Dental Rehabilitation

  • By Chelsea Perry
  • Aug 07, 2018

Sandhills Dental Rehabilitation Center focuses on prosthodontics in eastern North Carolina. Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental specialties that the American Dental Association recognizes. Prosthodontics includes everything from dental implants, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, temporomandibular disorders, occlusion and comprehensive multi-specialty planning. Our Prothodontists, Dr.Oettinger and Dr. Sulik, are experienced in the specialty of prosthodontics and they work closely with your general dentist to develop a treatment plan and execute that plan to achieve your dental health goals.

When a patient is in need of prosthodontics, the situation can either be quite simple or extremely complex. Depending on each patient's health, every treatment plan will be different. That is why it is so important that our doctors develop a comprehensive treatment plan that works alongside of your general dentist and takes into consideration the condition of the entire mouth and overall oral health. Some prosthodontic treatment may include just the replacement or repair of one tooth that may be broken or missing, however often times, we see patients that need an extensive reconfiguration and multiple teeth repaired or replaced.

Close-up image of a white tooth and a dentist’s hands, mouth mirror, and scraper behind

At Sandhills Dental Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Oettinger and Dr. Sulik are happy to help and provide care for patients throughout eastern North Carolina that need any level of prosthodontic treatment. If you feel like you need prosthodontic care, we highly suggest that you consult with your general dentist first. Then, they can refer you to our team who will work with them to achieve your dental health goals.

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